Just updated to ``` "@pulumi/pulumi": "0.17.7", ...
# general
Just updated to
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"@pulumi/pulumi": "0.17.7",
        "@pulumi/aws": "0.18.1",
        "@pulumi/awsx": "0.18.1"
and I am still getting this error message:
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error: Plan apply failed: [WARN] A duplicate Security Group rule was found on (sg-002c2846717345a56). This may be
    a side effect of a now-fixed Terraform issue causing two security groups with
    identical attributes but different source_security_group_ids to overwrite each
    other in the state. See <https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/pull/2376> for more
    information and instructions for recovery. Error message: the specified rule "peer:, TCP, from port: 8880, to port: 8880, ALLOW" already exists
The only fix is to go into the AWS console and remove that rule.
I think I did a
pulumi refresh
which fixed it
Do you have a repro of what triggered this initially? Did you get this directly via
new awsx.ec2.Vpc()
without any non-default options?