It has happened once out of the five builds I've d...
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It has happened once out of the five builds I've done today
how are you executing pulumi? This sounds like
az login
token expired?
I'm executing it with CLI authentication, which from what I understand shouldn't be a problem:
CLI works as expected, but I have seen processes time out because my auth token has expired. ARM, terraform and also pulumi.
Thanks, I'll check that out. I had a feeling that it wasn't actually Pulumi's fault.
I will say however that I haven't seen this happen with ARM or Terraform for the same infrastructure.
It sounds like the underlying terraform provider here may not be dealing with refresh tokens correctly
I have heard of this being reported there (a while back). Is there an issue on Pulumi-azure tracking this @shy-army-45455?
Yes, I have to refresh Azure tokens too
az account get-access-token
does the trick
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@stocky-spoon-28903 fwiw - here’s the issue Josh has opened on this which has a few more details:
Thanks. I suspect I know what is causing this, looking into it shortly
Thanks a lot, let me know if there's anything I can do to help