is there a docker image built off of the master br...
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is there a docker image built off of the master branch? there was PR merged that I have been waiting on and as far as I can tell the docker images are only built off of images pushed to the pulumi s3 bucket
cc @bitter-oil-46081, I believe we push new Pulumi builds on every push to
. So you can run
curl <> | bash --version 0.17-devxxx
or something. But my understanding is that the docker images published to DockerHub are only produced when we release a new version of the Pulumi SDK. (i.e. version changes, but not daily builds.) However, it should be straight forward to build/publish your own Pulumi container using one of the daily builds if that would work for you.
What Chris says is correct. We only build docker images for our "released" builds, but we do publish the CLI itself for every build. We could look into building images per commit for docker (if that's something interesting for you, can you open an issue in pulumi/pulumi) but otherwise, you'll have to install the version you want explicitly via the script Chris talks about.
We'll also likely do an official release on Monday.
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ill just wait til monday