04/30/2019, 5:13 PM
I seem to always hit this error:
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aws:ec2:SecurityGroupRule (fib-lb-listener-external-0-ingress):
    error: Plan apply failed: [WARN] A duplicate Security Group rule was found on (sg-0eb9f6d1b7d9a192b). This may be
    a side effect of a now-fixed Terraform issue causing two security groups with
    identical attributes but different source_security_group_ids to overwrite each
    other in the state. See <> for more
    information and instructions for recovery. Error message: the specified rule "peer:, TCP, from port: 80, to port: 80, ALLOW" already exists
I'm using pulumi 0.17.8, awsx 0.18.3. It seems like it has something to do with
external: true
passed to
and explicitly passing a security group to