Follow-up: can anyone shed light on why a cloud-aw...
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Follow-up: can anyone shed light on why a cloud-aws api would be returning base64-encoded strings no matter how I do the response? I have working cloud-aws apis on another account and they seem to work fine. I can’t find any differences between the base64 and regular ones code-wise or setup-wise EXCEPT for the one that works had its
apigateway setting set to
. I tried adding that to the base64 one but it didn’t start working, and pulumi removes the setting when I
pulumi up
Can you elaborate a bit? I'm not understanding. Which resources are doing this?
I have an aws lambda function fronted by an api gateway that should be returning JSON but is returning the data as a base64-encoded string instead
Nothing comes to mind on why that would be. Can you share your code so I can try to reproduce that?
@gentle-diamond-70147 well, one of the problems is that I’ve never had this issue with other lambdas so I haven’t even been able to reproduce it myself
Lemme fire up a repo
There’s a cloudfront distribution that I was messing around with. I don’t see how it could be related to that, but who knows