hello, question, is-it possible to update an exist...
# general
hello, question, is-it possible to update an existing resource during
pulumi up
? (example autoscaling group replaced during a blue/green deployment)
What exactly do you have in mind? Pulumi is in general a “desired state” model where you describe the state you want your infrastructure to be in, and Pulumi schedules the creates, updates, replaces, or deletes needed to achieve that. Certainly this can and does frequently lead to updating existing resources. But, for example, if you want to cause two updates to the same resource to be done in a single deployment, this is not as simple to represent directly. I’d be interested in more details on the specific scenario you have in mind.
the scenario is this : codedeploy with blue/green deployment option, by default codedeploy copy the current autoscaling and delete it when the deployment is successfully. this deployment method introduce a divergence and the current pulumi state is bad
maybe find a workaround with launch template