Any idea what would cause this warning? ``` warnin...
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Any idea what would cause this warning?
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warning: urn:pulumi:fib-dev-azure::fib-azure::azure:ad/application:Application::fib-ad verification warning: The Azure Active Directory resources have been split out into their own Provider.
    Information on migrating to the new AzureAD Provider can be found here: <>
    As such the Azure Active Directory resources within the AzureRM Provider are now deprecated and will be removed in v2.0 of the AzureRM Provider.
The resources under*
have generally been split out into their own provider. You can now use
instead. Note that as referenced there, if you have existing deployed apps, migrating to these new versions may require replacing the resources.
And note that
is a new provider which you will need to
npm install
Ok. I'm just getting start with Azure. I assume I still need both
Yeah - only the AD resources moved to the latter. Aside - I honestly don't know what the motivation was for this split in the Azure Terraform provider, but we have aligned with it in the Pulumi providers.
Looking forward to not depending on terraform design choices 😉
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