A `pulumi up` failed and now I get several message...
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pulumi up
failed and now I get several messages like this:
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aws:elasticloadbalancingv2:LoadBalancer (e839e3dc):
    error: Plan apply failed: refreshing urn:pulumi:fib-autoscale::fib::awsx:x:elasticloadbalancingv2:ApplicationLoadBalancer$aws:elasticloadbalancingv2/loadBalancer:LoadBalancer::e839e3dc: Error retrieving ALB: ValidationError: 'arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:us-west-2:710312645543:loadbalancer/app/e839e3dc-3597e49/e54545127f980ecc' is not a valid load balancer ARN
    	status code: 400, request id: e2522ac7-7d72-11e9-a259-a7fa9e6e25ad
How do you resolve this kind of error?
I have not seen this error before. It makes it sound like somehow your load balancer does not exist in the cloud? Is that right? If so, one option would be to force Pulumi to forget it with
pulumi state delete
It appears like it's not there. I would've though
pulumi refresh
would have this?