Hi guys I am trying the demo to deploy a site usin...
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Hi guys I am trying the demo to deploy a site using s3, it works like a charm but now sure what are the required adjustments when I want to deploy a more realistic site, for example a folder with other directorios inside like images, js, css, etc. I am getting the following error in this case:
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Error: failed to register new resource media [aws:s3/bucketObject:BucketObject]: 2 UNKNOWN: failed to compute asset hash: asset path 'www/static/media' is a directory; try using an archive
        at Object.registerResource
It sounds like you are trying to create a
from a directory. That won't work, as a
in AWS represents a single file. You would likely need to recursively walk the folder and create
for each file you find if that is the desired outcome. There's an example of this here that we use for our pulumi.io site infrastructure: https://github.com/pulumi/docs/blob/master/infrastructure/index.ts#L177-L194
Thanks Luke