Hello there, I don’t really know where the problem...
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Hello there, I don’t really know where the problem comes from, and I’m pretty sure that’s not pulumi related, but I could use some insights. I’m unable to pull images anymore from GCR on my GKE cluster every 45 days or something without any reason or changes on its configuration or service accounts. The GCR bucket is in the same project as the GKE cluster and everything works fine up until around 45 days. So far I had to recreate the cluster from my scripts to get rid of the problem, but that’s overkill. I suppose some auth keys expires or something but I can’t really figure it out. Does anyone know what I should do or where to look at ? thanks !
What I can’t get my head around is from where the image is pulled ? is it an issue within the k8s cluster ? (it shouldn’t since a gke cluster does not need permissions to access images in gcr) or is it an issue within my local host because the image is pull there before going into the cluster (thats does not make sense, but else I can’t guess why it suddenly doesn’t work anymore).