Hm somehow I got stuck in a state where when I do ...
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Hm somehow I got stuck in a state where when I do
pulumi destroy
it fails trying to delete some resources:
What is the last part of the error message here?
This is the whole thing:
Note that you can do
pulumi state delete <urn>
to remove the resource from your state file (and manually clean up in the cloud provider if indeed the resource is still there). You can also do
pulumi refresh
which should remove these from the state file if they cannot be found in the cloud (as well as update any other resources to the state they are in in the cloud).
It's been stuck in that state for a while, i'll wait for a bit before manually canceling out.
Ah okay! nice thanks!
Hmm - I'm surprised there are not more details on that error. But I would expect one of the two options about to help here.
kk thanks got it, I will wait 10 minutes to see if it reports anything and post it here. If not i'll cancel out and do a manual cleanup.
I think I borked it by being impatient in one of the
pulumi up
pulumi destroy
and cancelled out in the middle of the operation.
This is the error I get when I ctrl-c out:
Just cleared all pending operations from the state file, then did a Pulumi refresh, and there were diffs on the resource that couldn't be deleted:
After refreshing, did a
pulumi destroy
and its stuck on the same thing, unable to delete the Elastic IPs
Going to try to manually delete everything now
Problem resolved, manually deleted everything and `pulumi refresh`'d . Thanks!
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