hello, im trying to add `autoScalingGroupTags` to ...
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hello, im trying to add
to my nodegroups where the key of a tag has a string substitution but i'm hitting a yaml formatting error. Code sample in thread
here's what i've got
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autoScalingGroupTags: {
                [`<http://kubernetes.io/cluster/${clusterName}`|kubernetes.io/cluster/${clusterName}`>]: "",
                "<http://k8s.io/cluster-autoscaler/enabled|k8s.io/cluster-autoscaler/enabled>": "",
slack formatting on this is a bit off
and im hitting a YAML formatting error when I
pulumi up
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Plan apply failed: Creating CloudFormation stack failed: ValidationError: Template format error: YAML not well-formed. (line 51, column 1)
how do i set a key in this dict with a string substitution?
I opened https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/issues/584. To check, are you intentionally passing an empty string as the value for these?
Awesome, thanks. I am intentionally, passing in an empty string for a value. For context, I'm wanting to install this helm chart https://github.com/helm/charts/tree/master/stable/aws-cluster-autoscaler
It only requires that these keys are set properly
quick note - it appears that cloudformation doesn't support empty strings/null values. but even with setting a value, i still hit the yaml templating error
Great - thanks - mind dropping a note on that on the issue so we can investigate?
sure will do
i updated this ticket with a new comment
The tag issue is fixed in 0.18.4 of the