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That sounds like a bug. Could you open an issue at pulumi-awsx GitHub repo and we’ll take a look?
Oh - I think I see the issue - though we should give a better error (or just directly support this). You are passing the result of
which returns a value that is not actually a Cluster. I assume you are not using TypeScript? Pretty sure this would have been an early error in TypeScript. @lemon-spoon-91807 what’s the easiest way to use an existing ECS cluster here?
one sec
you can say:
new awsx.ecs.Cluster("somename", { cluster })
. This will allow you to built an awsx Cluster from an aws Cluster.
You are right though I was not using typescript
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Type 'Promise<GetClusterResult>' is missing the following properties from type 'Cluster': arn, name, tags, id, and 2 more.ts(2740)
cluster.d.ts(52, 5): The expected type comes from property 'cluster' which is declared here on type 'ClusterArgs'
when I try that
Sorry, not at computer. You'll need to look into aws.ecs.Cluster.get as weol
As well
That will let you create the low level cluster from the result you got back.
I can also add a helper here for a future release to help out here
So you could just do awsx.ecs.Cluster.fromExistingIds
nice, the get worked but clusters dont have ids so you use the name twice
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var tCluster = aws.ecs.Cluster.get(name ,name);
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var cluster = new awsx.ecs.Cluster(name, { cluster: tCluster });
I will look forward to future release as that failed
in terms of your current code, can you try:
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const result = await aws.ecs.getCluster({ clusterName: clusterName });
    const underlyingCluster = aws.ecs.Cluster.get("whatever", result.id);
    const cluster = new awsx.ecs.Cluster("blahblah", {
        cluster: underlyingCluster,
        securityGroups: [/*fill this in*/],
thanks guys, i really look forward to expanding with pulumi
And please keep the feedback coming 🙂