docker --tlsverify=false Is there a way to preven...
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docker --tlsverify=false Is there a way to prevent TLS Verification in the pulumi api that builds docker containers? I have a VPN and no-VPN use cases, so I bind my docker-daemon to a virtual box network forwarded port so that I can execute the docker daemon commands while on VPN or not. In other words, my virtual box NAT network passes docker daemon port through from to the docker machine IP. I protect the port with a fire wall at the host level, only allowing local traffic. The certs generated are only good for the IP address of the docker virtual machine. I can set DOCKER_* variables and an alias to execute
docker -tlsverify=false
and it works, but doesn't work when a pulumi script is running. Any suggestions welcome, not limited to turning off TLS verification in the pulumi API calls to docker.