I need help with adapting awsx vpc example (<https...
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I need help with adapting awsx vpc example (https://pulumi.io/reference/crosswalk/aws/vpc/#getting-the-default-vpc) to work across multiple aws profiles
it seems that setting profile has no effect here
i see the output for the same vpc twice
looks like I've found the answer https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-awsx/issues/314
the problem is - i am experiencing this with awsx v0.18.5, though the issue is supposed to be fixed in it
cc @lemon-spoon-91807
@bored-river-53178 just to be sure, you did
npm install
and all right? I set to a dev build earlier today and spent an hour trying to figure out why I wasn't seeing any change.......doh. 🙂
Well look when I get home tonight!
I completely removed npm_modules and then installed them from scratch, that didn't help
after that I cloned awsx repo, built it, removed
and replaced it with freshly built files from
(unfortunately I don't know how to replace npm module with the one built from master branch properly)
that didn't help either
There may have been multiple issues, and I may have closed one out incorrectly! Will find out in a bit
yes, i closed out the wrong bug.
will fix this one tonight
no problem, thanks a lot for a quick response!
still validating all scenarios
do you know if there is a better way for me to use it, comparing to how I've done it before (manually replacing awsx module content from npm_modules)?
now the code snippet I provided initially produces this error message: Diagnostics: awsxec2:Vpc (default-vpc): error: Duplicate resource URN 'urnpulumimain:aws infraawsxxec2Vpc::default-vpc'; try giving it a unique name
Is there some general way to workaround https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2647 ?
I'll look into that issue today.
I've opened https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-awsx/issues/335 which is the immediate cause of this. @lemon-spoon-91807 will be addressing as part of updating the PR above.