anyone available to discuss local environment setu...
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anyone available to discuss local environment setup? running into an interesting set of failures on
first time running
on a stock master,
golangci-lint run
complains about a bunch of things that don't seem to be erroring in the travis builds. makes me wonder if there's
version issue, or if there's a config somewhere that's not in the repo, or......
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cmd/pulumi-language-nodejs/main.go:87:56: `langauge` is a misspelling of `language` (misspell)
	cmdutil.InitTracing("pulumi-language-nodejs", "pulumi-langauge-nodejs", tracing)
(if I fix that one, it moves on to many others) opened an issue -
I faced this yesterday
it's related to a new version of linter
1.16.0 does not fail on those issues
thanks - does look like the same problem. matt fixed all of the fails with 1.17.1, so master now works with current. 🙂