I mean I would detect myself that rooms are full, ...
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I mean I would detect myself that rooms are full, then would call some web hook or something that would call Pulumi? Is something like this possible?
If you’re running Pulumi in CI, and you’re checking your stack configuration (which might contain your desired node count) into Git, you could have your app commit a change somehow to your configuration, which could then trigger CI to run Pulumi and update your stack with the new node count. That’d be one way to do it, anyway. 🙂
@thankful-lamp-48382 If you are looking for dynamic provisioning, I was aiming for something like that in this tutorial I was working on but have since abandoned. https://gist.github.com/displague/ab50c80d44f98f3c072d415afe508f8d#a-linode-for-everyone
It seems like an interesting use-case to me.. to be able to dynamically control the number of provisioned things based on live application logic.
Thank you guys! Will play with what you have suggested! 🙂
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