Looking for what I’m missing to get console.log() ...
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Looking for what I’m missing to get console.log() output to cloudwatch - using the
and a single entry in the
arg. lambda is up and running fine, sending 200 ok, but my console.logs are not showing in cloudwatch… do I need explicit cloudwatch permissions on the lambda role?
By default these should show up. If you provide custom roles for lambda, you need to make sure to give those role CloudWatch write permission. Do you have a simple repro of the program that does not produce logs?
thanks for the resp, was out for the night. i didn't do anything out of the ordinary with cloudwatch roles, but we do have other stuff with custom roles in cloudformation--but none of that should interfere afaik
@white-balloon-205 here is the app i'm working with currently - https://gist.github.com/notbrain/b01344c9c724db8f24886c8f06391e4b
actually, nevermind, I just tested and it's showing up now. must have been PEBKAC