My `pulumi up` becomes very slow sometimes. It sho...
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pulumi up
becomes very slow sometimes. It shows
Previewing update
and nothing else for a couple minutes. That goes on for some time, and then everything seems fast again. Last time Node process was high on CPU, but now everything seems idle. I'm on Windows. Anyone experiencing this?
This is not expected at all. You can run with
pulumi up --logtostderr -v=9 --debug 2> out.txt
to get tons of diagnostic output which might help pinpoint what operation is blocking. If you continue to see this and don't get any clear signal from those logs - I would love to follow up to investigate more directly.
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Got a repro log. A preview took 2 minutes. The biggest gap is around line 8365:
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I0624 17:44:34.617570   12660 eventsink.go:63] eventSink::Debug(<{%reset%}>All required Resource Providers are registered<{%reset%}>)
I0624 17:45:45.863536   12660 eventsink.go:60] Running program 'C:\work\pulumi\azure-play' in pwd 'C:\work\pulumi\azure-play' w/ args:
Huh - very strange. I have not seen anything like this before. Do you see this consistently for this stack? Or is it just every now and then?
Not consistently and not only for this stack I think.
But usually several times in a row
Yes, seeing the same on a brand-new stack. Node.js CPU stays flat at ~13%
Very odd. I opened Could you add any additional relevant details like
node --version