FYI to anyone here who uses `@pulumi/awsx`. Our n...
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FYI to anyone here who uses
. Our next release has a bunch of fixes in it based on early feedback from the Crosswalk launch. Tried very hard to ensure these fixes wouldn't affect existing stacks, but def let us know if you see otherwise. More information is avialable here:
We are planning a new AWS project and trying to decide if we use aws or awsx for it. With these updates is it pretty safe for prod use? When might the PR get merged?
Hi Chris! The PR has been merged. It should be released sometime this week to a new version.
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In general, i would say that awsx should be considered safe to use. Say, for example, you moved to the updated version, but discovered some issue (for example, we wanted to replace a resource you didn't want us to). You could simply roll back to the previous version and be totally fine.
If you then let us know, we could fix and patch that up. our releases are pretty quick (and we'd push a customer impacting fix out more quickly as well).
Note: this change was also one of the "larger" sorts we'd expect to take here. Primarily because a customer ran into a generally 'largish' area we hadn't focused on well, or tested well up till now. Namely, passing along an independent 'provider' instead of us picking up the 'ambient' one. I made the change and added extensive tests around this area to beef things up. So we're thinking things are in good shape now. We have no other 'large' changes we envision here.
That sounds good. The awsx API looks wonderful, we'll give it a whirl and send feedback if anything comes up!
Please do! Note: if you have no investments here currently, then pulling in the new version (which i'll actually just publish now), will lead to no problems.
It's more of a concern about someone with an existing stack doing an upgrade. It should be safe, and we'll be beefing up a lot of testing here to make that totally certain in the future. Specifically, we'll have our own tests that keep resources at every version of the pulumi api, and ensure that across updates nothin changes that we don't expect.
what --version should I verify I'm using?