Hrmmm with the Fargate stuff in this post: <https:...
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Hrmmm with the Fargate stuff in this post: How do you redeploy code changes of the application image? And do the deploys default to a rolling update of the fargate containers?
If there are changes in the target app folder, it will re-
docker build
docker push
. The Fargate Service will then be updated to point to this new version of the image, which will trigger a rolling update using the minimum and maximum percentages you can specify.
*#*$&# freaking awesome!!! 😄
Im assuming with
const cluster = new awsx.ecs.Cluster("cluster");
I'm able to associate the cluster to a set of public subnets in a VPC so that it can talk to a DB in the private subnets?
If I associate a list of public subnets that reside in different AZs with the cluster, do you know the default deployment strategy of the Fargate tasks in Pulumi? Do they spread across all the AZs?
Yes - you can pass a
parameter to the cluster to associate it with that VPC.
I don’t know the precise spread strategy for Fargate, though I suspect it is documented by AWS.
awesome thanks!
By default, Fargate tasks are spread across Availability Zones.