When destroying a stack, shouldn’t the Kubernetes ...
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When destroying a stack, shouldn’t the Kubernetes provider be destroyed first and then AWS? Right now, the EKS worker nodes are deleted first, and then obviously no k8s operator can cleanup anymore
The control plane is managed by Amazon, not having worker nodes should’t affect k8s operations
sure, but a lot of resources are created by kubernetes operators these days
if you kill the operator by removing the worker nodes, there is no way it can clean up its resources
I hadn’t thought of that, I think you could simulate the behavior you want by adding
dependsOn: this.defaultNodeGroup
here https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-eks/blob/master/nodejs/eks/cluster.ts#L667
I’d be interested to hear if that manages to delete the K8S Resources deployed with the provider before it deletes the worker asg
good point, I’ll try adding that
I thought pulumi would figure out the dependency automatically, because the k8s provider is created from the aws/eks provider
that did the trick, thx
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