I believe this have to be something really simple ...
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I believe this have to be something really simple and it is me not understanding some basic Pulumi's concepts, so I would be grateful for suggestion what to do here 🙂
I think dynamic providers are serialized and saved as part of resources they deploy, so
might execute the code that you had when first deployed it? Try with a clean one?
Can I ask Pulumi to refresh what it has serialized?
I don't know...
Whenever you run an update, the updated implementation of the dynamic provider will be serialized.
Pulumi destroy
does not run the program though, so it will just use whatever implementation of delete was last deployed.
But I am doing pulumi up and it still seems to use the previous code
@white-balloon-205 What is even more confusing, I removed a comment that made that resource planned as delete and it pulumi up gave no errors. Then I copied that resource (the same type, the same params just different names), changed its name etc. And pulumi up created it. So I had 2 resources of the same type (NodeJSApp in my example). Then I comment new resource, it execute delete without any problem. I have one resource of that type. Now I comment that original resource and I still see the same error...