I am running this example <https://github.com/pulu...
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I am running this example https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-eks/tree/master/nodejs/eks/examples/nodegroup and running into this error.
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│  ├─ pulumi-nodejs:dynamic:Resource     example-nodegroup-iam-simple-vpc-cni                            **creating failed**     1 error
 +   │  ├─ kubernetes:core:ConfigMap          example-nodegroup-iam-simple-nodeAccess                         **creating failed**     1 error
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  kubernetes:core:ConfigMap (example-nodegroup-iam-simple-nodeAccess):
    error: Plan apply failed: Get <https://922FC00EB908914CAF76044D3533E63A.yl4.us-west-2.eks.amazonaws.com/api?timeout=32s>: net/http: TLS handshake timeout

  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (aws-arcus-kitchensink-naveen):
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized

    error: update failed

  pulumi-nodejs:dynamic:Resource (example-nodegroup-iam-simple-vpc-cni):
    error: Plan apply failed: Command failed: kubectl apply -f /var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
    unable to recognize "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-12437sPtTDnmfv7lm.tmp": Unauthorized
Are you running it exactly as-is, or with modifications? This example runs in CI on every commit - so I'd be surprised if there was anything wrong with the example itself.
Very few modifications
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import * as eks from '@pulumi/eks';
import { ClusterOpts } from '../config/types/ClusterOpts';
import * as pulumi from '@pulumi/pulumi';

import * as aws from '@pulumi/aws';
import * as iam from './iam'
 * KubernetesCluster is a component that wraps the AWK and Kubernetes resources
 * necessary to run a Kubernetes cluster
export class KubernetesCluster extends pulumi.ComponentResource {
   * A kubeconfig that can be used to connect to the EKS cluster.
  public readonly eksCluster: eks.Cluster;
  public readonly nodeGroups?: eks.NodeGroup[];

   * @param clusterOpts Options for creating the cluster
  constructor(clusterOpts: ClusterOpts) {
    super('arcus:cluster', clusterOpts.name);
    // const clusterOpts1: eks.ClusterOptions =
    //   {
    //      instanceRole: getRoleAndInstanceProfile.Role,
    //     ...clusterOpts.options
    //   }
    // ;
      const role0 = iam.createRole('example-role0');
      const instanceProfile0 = new aws.iam
          .InstanceProfile('example-instanceProfile0', {role: role0});

// Create an EKS cluster with a shared IAM instance role to register with the
// cluster auth.
      const cluster1 = new eks.Cluster('example-nodegroup-iam-simple', {
          skipDefaultNodeGroup: true,
          deployDashboard: false,
          instanceRole: role0,

// There are two approaches that can be used to add additional NodeGroups.
// 1. A `createNodeGroup` API on `eks.Cluster`
// 2. A `NodeGroup` resource which accepts an `eks.Cluster` as input

// Create the node group using an `instanceProfile` tied to the shared, cluster
// instance role registered with the cluster auth through `instanceRole`.
      cluster1.createNodeGroup('example-ng-simple-ondemand', {
          instanceType: 't2.medium',
          desiredCapacity: 1,
          minSize: 1,
          maxSize: 2,
          labels: {'ondemand': 'true'},
          instanceProfile: instanceProfile0,

    // this.eksCluster = new eks.Cluster(clusterOpts.name, clusterOpts1, {
    //   parent: this
    // });
    //   // Create the second node group with spot t2.medium instance
    //   const spot = new eks.NodeGroup('example-ng-simple-spot', {
    //       cluster: this.eksCluster,
    //       instanceType: 't2.medium',
    //       desiredCapacity: 1,
    //       minSize: 1,
    //       maxSize: 2,
    //       spotPrice: '1',
    //       labels: {'preemptible': 'true'},
    //       taints: {
    //           'special': {
    //               value: 'true',
    //               effect: 'NoSchedule',
    //           },
    //       },
    //       instanceProfile: getRoleAndInstanceProfile.InstanceProfile,
    //   }, {
    //       providers: { kubernetes: this.eksCluster.provider},
    //   });

    // if (clusterOpts.nodeGroups !== undefined) {
    //   this.nodeGroups = [];
    //   for (const ng of clusterOpts.nodeGroups) {
    //       const ngOptions: eks.NodeGroupOptions =
    //           {
    //               instanceProfile: getRoleAndInstanceProfile.InstanceProfile,
    //               ...ng.options
    //           }
    //       ;
    //     this.nodeGroups.push(
    //       this.eksCluster.createNodeGroup(ng.name, ngOptions)
    //     );
    //   }
    // }
That looks totally different than the example you linked above https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-eks/blob/master/nodejs/eks/examples/nodegroup/index.ts. The errors suggest that the machine doing the deployment isn't able to authenticate against the cluster API. I assume that some role bindings are not configured correctly.
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k apply -f /var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-15096Gbdaqtm0KDHA.tmp
<http://clusterrole.rbac.authorization.k8s.io/aws-node|clusterrole.rbac.authorization.k8s.io/aws-node> unchanged
serviceaccount/aws-node unchanged
<http://clusterrolebinding.rbac.authorization.k8s.io/aws-node|clusterrolebinding.rbac.authorization.k8s.io/aws-node> unchanged
daemonset.apps/aws-node unchanged
<http://customresourcedefinition.apiextensions.k8s.io/eniconfigs.crd.k8s.amazonaws.com|customresourcedefinition.apiextensions.k8s.io/eniconfigs.crd.k8s.amazonaws.com> unchanged
I ran the script that the pulumi was trying to run manually
I was able to run it without auth errors
Here is the error
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from server for: "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-15096Gbdaqtm0KDHA.tmp": Unauthorized)
    error: You must be logged in to the server (error when retrieving current configuration of:
    Resource: "<http://apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1|apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1>, Resource=customresourcedefinitions", GroupVersionKind: "<http://apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1|apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1>, Kind=CustomResourceDefinition"
    Name: "<http://eniconfigs.crd.k8s.amazonaws.com|eniconfigs.crd.k8s.amazonaws.com>", Namespace: ""
    Object: &{map["apiVersion":"<http://apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1|apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1>" "kind":"CustomResourceDefinition" "metadata":map["annotations":map["<http://kubectl.kubernetes.io/last-applied-configuration|kubectl.kubernetes.io/last-applied-configuration>":""] "name":"<http://eniconfigs.crd.k8s.amazonaws.com|eniconfigs.crd.k8s.amazonaws.com>"] "spec":map["group":"<http://crd.k8s.amazonaws.com|crd.k8s.amazonaws.com>" "names":map["kind":"ENIConfig" "plural":"eniconfigs" "singular":"eniconfig"] "scope":"Cluster" "versions":[map["name":"v1alpha1" "served":%!q(bool=true) "storage":%!q(bool=true)]]]]}
    from server for: "/var/folders/6x/1nwydqkn1kn0n2wqmwwp1hsmvm6qls/T/tmp-15096Gbdaqtm0KDHA.tmp": Unauthorized)
Did you run with the same credentials? Somehow or another I'm reasonably sure you did not. You can log the
that the Pulumi deployment is trying to use and try to manually use that from outside of Pulumi.
let me make sure
Here it is
Ok, I figure out. The pulumi cli is using the aws profile which had the name as
. But the local export
was not set before. That was causing the error.
Got it - yes - that makes sense.
I wish the pulumi cli would when running the kubectl used the
which was in the
Is this a bug?
What do you mean by:
which was in the
@white-balloon-205 You guys are great for the quick turn around!