If I want to imperatively poll for an updated mani...
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If I want to imperatively poll for an updated manifest, would I call
k8s.apps.v1beta1.Deployment.get('myapp', myWebDeployment.id)
to get latest/fresh values?
Are you doing this inside an
? In general, for truly imperative work you likely want to fall back to using a raw JS Kubernetes client. Here's an example of something along those lines: https://gist.github.com/lukehoban/fd0355ed5b82386bd89c0ffe2a3c916a
Thanks for the gist, I’ll take a look
@white-balloon-205 it seems that since I am running the simple log statement on my
check via apply, that it is effectively waiting on the full rollout to complete (and become available). Can I count on that or do I need to poll?
I’m just trying to ensure that my
deployment is fully finished/available before purging cloudflare cache