# general


07/11/2019, 2:00 PM
Hey, I've got a stack in peril, because I did something stupid: I wanted to migrate a stack from a personal account to an organization and did so by just exporting the stack, selecting the organization stack and importing it. Afterwards I deleted the old stack. The problem is - which is kind of obvious now that it's broken - that I can't use it anymore since it used the service secret provider and that provider's is still pointing to the deleted stack. Therefore I get errors along the line of
error: could not deserialize deployment: decrypting secret value: [404] Not Found: Stack '...' not found
. Simply changing the owner in the state isn't working and only prints
error: could not deserialize deployment: decrypting secret value: [400] Message authentication failed
when trying to import it. I tried changing the secrets provider to type
and set a salt and regenerating all secrets with the corresponding passphrase which then lead to
error: could not deserialize deployment: invalid character 'O' looking for beginning of value
when trying to import the stack. Is there any chance to get this working again?
Hmm I somehow got this to work by creating a different project using the same passphrase and the same secrets and extracting the secrets from the stack JSON. I don't quite get though why the output secret in the stack file is different from the encrypted secret in the config file 🤔