is there anything i need to do to migrate from pul...
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is there anything i need to do to migrate from pulumi/azure to pulumi/azuread? will my resources get recreated or anything nasty?
If you just replace directly, yes, new resources will be created. You should be able to use the new
feature to alias the resources to the old names/types they had in the older provider. Assuming the resources are sufficiently “the same” in old and new providers, this should allow an update that does not replace. You can add
aliases: { type: “theoldtypetokenfortherwource” }
to the resource options and then check that a preview does not suggest a replacement. Docs on this coming very soon.
ah eek
is there something that will be included by default on the new resource? am i better off waiting?
or perhaps i could manually edit the state file so they match?
not keen on having long-lived aliases all over and replacing the resources would tear down all our clusters
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I just ran a test with the intention of trying to patch my state file - it ran fine without any changes required!