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07/11/2019, 11:36 PM
In order to move my state from pulumi to S3, are these the steps required?
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Pulumi stack export --file stack.json
Pulumi login <s3://bucketName>
Pulumi stack import --file stack.json
okay, here are the steps I had to go through to get S3 working for a migration from pulumi to S3: -
pulumi stack export --file stack.json
- copy the stack.json to the S3 bucket (manually) -
pulumi logout
pulumi login <s3://bucketname>
pulumi stack select
- this prompted me to create a passphrase for a new stack it had me create - I was then able to run
pulumi preview
, it found my stack, but it now wants to create all the resources that already exist
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I guess this will be much cleaner for stacks that start off on S3