07/17/2019, 10:56 PM
I have an instance where pulumi tries to "replace" a resource after an upgrade of pulumi-gcp from 0.17.1 to 0.18.12 even though nothing in that resource has changed. This problem is similar to however in this case it's a VM that pulumi attempts to replace.
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+-gcp:compute/instance:Instance: (replace)
      ~ networkInterfaces: [
          ~ [0]: {
                  + __defaults   : []
                  ~ accessConfigs: [
                      ~ [0]: {
                              + __defaults: []
                                natIp     : ""
                    networkIp    : ""
                    subnetwork   : "us-west1/vpn-subnetwork"
there's absolutely 0 change on that resource except that i upgraded the pulumi gcp version do you have a quick idea how to resolve this? I'm fine editing the state if that helps, but I need to know what the state should look like for pulumi to not trigger a replace.


07/17/2019, 11:18 PM
Are you able to downgrade back to the previous GCP version so that you're not blocked on this?