Howdy, I'm testing <
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Howdy, I'm testing the new import functionality in Pulumi a lot and have found some odd behavior I think? I didn't want to keep spamming the PR, and thought here would be a good place to go through it. I'm importing an ELB in Python, and I've only set these parameters to the ELB
elb = elb.LoadBalancer(resource_name=elb_name, opts=resource_opts, internal=scheme, name=elb_name, listeners=listeners, tags=tags)
The ELB I have configured in AWS explicitly has configuration I have not set here ^ however, Pulumi preview/up think that my state defined in Python 100% matches the state from AWS. I'm missing ELBHealthchecks, security groups, AZ's, and a bunch of other options. I'm surprised Pulumi didn't yell at me that I was missing these settings?