Hi I recently hit this error message in pulumi aft...
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Hi I recently hit this error message in pulumi after updating to pulumi 0.17.23 (and other provider packages):
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post-step event returned an error: failed to verify snapshot: resource urn:pulumi:ds-dog-k8s-dev::sg-deploy-k8s-helper::kubernetes:core/v1:Secret::langserver-auth refers to unknown provider urn:pulumi:ds-dog-k8s-dev::sg-deploy-k8s-helper::pulumi:providers:kubernetes::dogfood-full-k8s::3a90eb1d-d8d5-4272-ae29-300c34caaab9
I’m not sure how to reproduce this, but I am happy to PM over any relevant information
According to https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/troubleshooting/#post-step-event, it seems like this is a bug on `pulumi`’s end?
Is it generally safe to rollback pulumi/provider versions? Or should I be worried about all my resources getting replaced?
I am still seeing the same error message after rolling back.
That sounds like something went wrong writing your checkpoint. Were there failures prior to this? Happy to debug offline to help address this if needed. I believe it should be possible to fix this up with targeted updates to your state file. I do not expect this is related to
- but hard to tell from just what's here what led to the original issue.
Thanks, I’d be happy to hop on a PM chain with you