Running into an issue. Pulumi is creating a resour...
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Running into an issue. Pulumi is creating a resource and then deleting it right after thinking it’s doing the replacement right. This is for a gcp.compute.NetworkPeering resource.
And now it thinks it is actually created, but in fact it actually removed it.
And now it’s correct. That was really weird.
@cool-egg-852 can you reproduce this? This feels like a bug in the provider...
I can’t unfortunately.
My guess is a bug due to a lot of the changes made with the URNs and all of that kind of stuff when the providers got versioned.
Actually, I did just replicate it by accident. Seems to not be related to that.
1) Create a NetworkPeering resource with a hardcoded name 2) Change something like importCustomRoutes 3) It will replace it by deleting the resource and thinking it is created
ok, I will have a look and see
Any update on this? Just got bit by this again