# general


07/26/2019, 3:03 PM
Hi all, I'm a bit confused about the pricing model. Could someone point me toward documentation on what is free and what is paid (or a brief summary here)?


07/26/2019, 3:19 PM
We’ve been planning on making this distinction clearer in our documentation for a while. Sorry for the confusion here. In a nutshell the difference between the free “Community Edition” and our paid tiers, is around collaboration. The community edition allows you to create, manage stacks but for your individual account. Our paid tears enable features like Teams and role-based access control. (i.e. being able to work with other people to collaborate on updating multiple stacks.) There are a few paid-only features, such as the ability to have SAML SSO or an on-prem installation. But those are called out on the pricing grid. As far as the Community <-> Team, the difference is just “Team Members” right now.


07/26/2019, 3:24 PM
So there can be CI/CD integration and secret management etc. still within the Community Edition?