is it possible to self reference an output in anot...
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is it possible to self reference an output in another input? e.g. if i wanted the description to be like
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description: `this is a resource who's arn is ${this.arn}`
sorry didnt see self-reference, not sure if you can do that
In general no - this is not possible.
i have an issue where I'm trying to write a JSON setting to a AWS DMS ReplicationTask's
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  "Logging": {
    "LoggingEnabled": true
} The problem is that the default setting (which is kept in JSON format in AWS) contains a lot of default values, which get merged with the JSON document I submit to turn on logging. As a result, every time i
pulumi up
it looks like the values have diverged, so i get an 'update' operation every time. To copy all the default values into the JSON document I submit, with logging turned on of course, I need to know the task's ARN — one of the settings is
who's default value is
"dms-task-<the ARN of the task>
. I'm trying to figure out the best way to deal with this. Any ideas?
I actually have some code doing all of this for an internal tool. It is indeed a bit painful due to how DMS works here. I ended up explicitly including the full JSON in our code to fully specify this - and marked it up with comments about where things diverge from defaults. For the log stream, I ended up doing a
and then hard-coding in the resulting value. This makes it a little harder to stand up from scratch correctly, but provides a way to close the loop for an existing deployment. You can also consider using
to ignore any perceived changes in these settings.
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Thanks Luke, this gives us some options to run with.
doesn't seem to be working for replicationTaskSettings. It continues to see a diff and wants to update.
I'm probably hitting — ignoreChanges may be broken
Depending on exactly how you are relying on it - yes 2936 may be required before this would fully suppress the diff.
i'm just adding
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ignoreChanges: ["replicationTaskSettings"]
to the aws.dms.ReplicationTask resource. I wrote a custom resource to take care of the settings and manage the diff properly, but it's not fixing the problem since ignoreChanges isn't working and ReplicationTask continues to want to re-write the settings value.
Looks like ignoreChanges was fixed! 🎉 How do i peg my npm dependency to pulumi master while I wait for a release? The package.json is buried so I can't seem to do it in the usual way.
nvm, it looks like npm doesn't support this well — is there a pulumi release on the horizon?
How do i peg my npm dependency to pulumi master
You can use
"@pulumi/pulumi": "dev"
to pin to the dev tag which is the latest
Thanks! That works, but I'm realizing that the ignoreChanges fix is more about the CLI than the node library.
I have pulumi cli v0.17.27 and the "dev" @pulumi/pulumi installed — but still not seeing ignoreChanges working.. or maybe i'm doing something wrong
I believe the improvements to
need to be brought into providers as well before you'll see a change. I think that is still in progress. Which provider in particular are you interested in?
This is pending, which will then need to get picked up by an AWS provider release.
quite the daisy chain! ðŸĪŠ ok, thanks for the info, Luke
saw the pulumi-terraform PR got merged!
is this sufficient for the provider side?