Hi. I'm part of the DevOps team, and I'm hoping to...
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Hi. I'm part of the DevOps team, and I'm hoping to setup the Pulumi framework as 'micro-stacks' for our developers to use. Essentially I want to create
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which creates the necessary infrastructure and parent classes that devs can inherit to create
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. For example, I want to create a class for AWS ECS services that enforces things like tags, mount points, logging config, default environment variables etc. In that way we make our Devs lives easier to follow company standards. Are there publicly available git repos that show how people have attempted something similar to this? I'm interested in finding out how the micro-stacks are organised, what level of responsibility is handed over to the devs, how the aws and awsx packages are used in combination etc. I'm after more complex examples than those provided in the pulumi-examples repo. Thanks in advance.
YMMV, but currently we use github packages to publish internal npm packages containing shared infra code, and stack references to tie services micro stacks to base infra stacks.