I'm trying to unpack your question here, <@UJM5JMF...
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I'm trying to unpack your question here, @hallowed-raincoat-3555 and I think there may be some confusion on my end about what you are after. I'm assuming that you've read https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/organizing-stacks-projects/, because you're using a bunch of the words we have on that page to explain things. There's a difference here between "stacks" which are logically correspond to a deployed instance of a Pulumi program and what you seem to be asking for. Your request to be able to create libraries that make things easier for your devs to build infrastructure which is to be deployed is sort of orthogonal to how you name these deployments. The message above about using ComponentResources to wrap up best practices is correct, but these aren't really tied to the way that you organize and name the actual deployments of you infrastructure into stacks.