Is there a document somewhere with details about P...
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Is there a document somewhere with details about Pulumi's REST api? Specifically, I'd like to list all stack tags (key/values) for stacks in a given project.
The REST API is not currently documented, but we can show you how to use any specific APIs you need that exist already today. We are aiming to document the API, along with cleaning it up significantly to be easier for direct usage, in the not-too-distant-future.
If you can just add a few GET/POST examples for working with stack tags that would be very helpful
- list all stacks in a project - list all tags for a stack - list all tags for all stacks
Adding a few updates to that, few minutes...
I'm seeing my personal projects, not those in my org
is there an org-API as well?
The only REST API currently for listing stacks lists all stacks a user has access to - it include both - but you can filter by
Actually, yea, that's what I was just looking for.
I was using the wrong token, got it working for all org stacks, thanks
@gentle-diamond-70147, @white-balloon-205 do the requests have a query param, e.g. to only return tags? Right now I see that the entire stack state, tags, etc. are all returned
No - not currently.