I generally use the FQDN for Route53 (both saltsta...
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I generally use the FQDN for Route53 (both saltstack and pulumi) and it seems to do the right thing
this doesn't seem to work for me, I get
Tried to create an alias that targets test.mydomain.com., type A in zone XYZ, but the alias target name does not lie within the target zone
I'm trying to create the record it it's own hosted zone, where this is "top" record of the zone. (if that's the correct way to describe it)
did you try without the last dot?
also, double check that zone XYZ is for mydomain.com (with typos)
wait, unless it's referring to the alias target, in which case you're having problems with the alias definition, and not the name/zone of the record
yeah, that was it. I was changing the alias name, but it was the record name on the parent level object that needed updating
Changed the record name to an empty string and it works! Thanks for your help @high-translator-22614