I need some help, StatefulSet using volumeClaimTem...
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I need some help, StatefulSet using volumeClaimTemplate always has this as a modification after a successful deployment. It will just constantly replace the StatefulSet over and over because of this one thing...How do I add this to ignoreChanges? I can't get it to work...
Are you on the latest version of
? The latest version addressed some known issues related to this. https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#0255-august-2-2019
how do i upgrade to that?
I just use whatever is included with the latest release of Pulumi
oh is the node package?
Yes - the node package.
its set to latest
let me run an npm update
i didn't even think about that
The latest version with fixes for this was released yesterday - so possible you don't have it yet.
I don't typically update npm in pulumi as I guess I thought updating pulumi did that...
now i know
Yeah - Pulumi packages are just NPM (or PyPI) packages - we rely on NPM and package.json to manage versions of packages. This is true both for the packages we make available as well as ones that users build themselves. The CLI itself versions separately.
yeah I don't know why I didn't make that connection
now I feel rather stupid
so I updated, it seemed to work but I also downgraded my Kubernetes Engine version...so im upgrading that back to latest and will test again once its done...promising so far...
looks fixed!
thank you!
Great to hear - sorry about all the troubles!
I have made the same mistake!