People, how do you run pulumi in CI/CD? Examples g...
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People, how do you run pulumi in CI/CD? Examples given in docs are unpractical, no way I am installing nodejs and rebuilding node-grpc on every pulumi run 🙂
Node-grpc should not have to build on every run. What version/platform are you seeing that for? If use use an LTS, you should get pre-built binaries.
More broadly - I’m surprised this is adding a non-trivial amount of time to your build. It is definitely standard practice for Pulumi and for Node more generally to run npm install in CI. If this is taking more than ~30 seconds, something else seems like it’s probably wrong.
Recommended script in docs installs everything including node. If we use docker pulumi/pulimi image, then you can see for yourself, it is much more than 30 seconds:
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docker run -it  -e PULUMI_ACCESS_TOKEN=XXX --rm -v $(p
wd):/code -w /code --entrypoint= pulumi/pulumi  /bin/sh -c 'update-ca-certificates; npm config --global 
set cafile /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt && exec pulumi new gcp-typescript --name gcp-bootstrap --description "Toplevel GCP projects setup" --force --dir ooo'
Which script in particular are you referring to?