Any idea why a nodepool is trying to be replaced a...
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Any idea why a nodepool is trying to be replaced and the only thing the diff shows different is the provider?
It looks like it’s moving from an unversioned to versioned provider urn
provider: urn:pulumi:development::kubernetes::pulumi:providers:gcp::default::d677eab5-3f94-408d-92df-515c212c488b => urn:pulumi:development::kubernetes::pulumi:providers:gcp::default_0_18_15::output<string>
Seems like other resources are having the same issue, but they are just updating. No matter what, why is the provider causing any changes like this.
Currently I have a deployment stuck because the provider is changed, and it’s waiting for the replicaset to be ready, though nothing is changed there
It also says it’s replaced the NodePools, though it hasn’t removed the old ones yet.
I would not expect the change to the provider to be the root cause of the replacement. cc @microscopic-florist-22719 in case he has troubleshooting thoughts.
It’s the only thing that is output in the diff. I didn’t change any of the code related to that resource either
Just bumping this one.
The provider change does seem like it is probably the issue. Can you DM me the full logs?