Does pulumi/gke drain the nodes when doing a repla...
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Does pulumi/gke drain the nodes when doing a replacement on the node pool in a way that a PDB would apply? Because when pulumi goes to replace a pool, my pods go down even though I have PDBs.
Anyone have any idea?
just now wondering the same
What I think I discovered is that this is on Google. Since Pulumi uses the Google API to delete the node pool, what Google does is to cordon off every node in the pool, and then start to delete each of them. I believe this ignores the PDBs. It would be great if there was a way in pulumi to have it handle it via a rolling delete. Especially given that due to being pulumi, you can’t have 2 resources with the same name. So you can’t have a new node pools ready ahead of time.
@gentle-diamond-70147 Please let me know if we need to open a ticket for this or if something like this already has one if you can. Thanks!
@cool-egg-852 I'm not aware of an issue (and my quick search didn't find one). Could you open one?