We’re having an issue with a k8s deployment being ...
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We’re having an issue with a k8s deployment being stuck on updating though it isn’t actually updating anything. This is critically breaking us from being able to deploy updated applications because it’s breaking CI with it being stuck.
being stuck on updating
Do you have more details on this?
Getting them for you now
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error: Plan apply failed: 2 errors occurred:
	* Timeout occurred for 'istio-ingressgateway-internal'
	* Minimum number of Pods to consider the application live was not attained
It doesn’t have any changes for it though. I copied this from the pulumi console, but I am noticing that the pulumi console doesn’t have the same output as CLI, so it isn’t showing that it has to update on the console, but it is in the CLI
I’m running up now to get the CLI output
I would consider the console not showing the same information to be a bug in the console.
When viewing details, no differences are shown
Same question as parallel thread - are you on latest Pulumi-kubernetes? I know there are some fixes related to Deployment await logic recently.
Yes I am
Even then, it shouldn’t be detecting any changes
Because there are none
And that is the actual issue
Hey @cool-egg-852, can you provide any more information on the stack you’re updating? AFAICT, the problem seems to be with the diff logic, but I don’t have enough info to reproduce on my end.
What exactly is it you are looking for?
Are you deploying a helm chart? I’m looking for a repro, if possible
No, this is not a helm chart.
This is a custom deployment
I DMed you the diff output
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