We created trial org and selected "Monthly" paymen...
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We created trial org and selected "Monthly" payment plan, I'd like to switch to annual billing plan before adding payment info, but "switch to annual billing" gives me 500 error, please help 🙂
X-Pulumi-RequestId: 7fe7fe79-c8ae-4467-8cad-e52b111e09f3
Looking into it.
Also wrote to Robby, he replied that he passed it to the team, so it probably going to reach you from another direction 🙂
Hi Maxim, I’m one of the engineers at Pulumi. Sorry for the 500 error 😓 . The root problem is that your Pulumi subscription doesn’t have a payment method on file. So when we try to change the subscription’s billing interval, our payment processor is rejecting the request. If you first attached a payment method (e.g. adding a credit card on your organization’s billing page), then the request to change it from monthly to annual billing should go through. If you have any other questions, or things still don’t quite look right please let me know. Cheers!
but if we add card now we will be billed for monthly subscription straight away, which is what I'd like to avoid 🙂
Hey Maxim, someone will be reaching out shortly to get this fixed for you. Thanks for the patience and as Chris says, sorry for the troubles here.