I'd like to start working Pulumi package for ins...
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I'd like to start working Pulumi package for installing Gitlab in kubernetes. I would prefer not to use personal account in case more people would want to join developing it. So that would probably be an NPM org(namespace?), what would be an acceptable name for it? Something like
and then package to be
? Downside is that
is in the name, which makes it looks somewhat official, on the other hand it have to be there to indicate that it is a package for pulumi as a product 🙂 Any thoughts?
Hey! Maybe something like
as kubernetes does it? Still, this doesn’t solve the trademark issues but could be a host for other projects in that space (incubating in the community, possibly becoming an official project later).
Just re-read your question. Installing gitlab in kubernetes in my opinion is just another way to bootstrap an application. I think this should be hosted on gitlab side (same as the source code for their docker images is not hosted under the docker company, but as part of gitlab itself)
yeah, but Gitlab Ltd doesn't provide Pulumi package, so I'd want to write it and it would be good for package name to indicate that it is Gitlab in Pulumi 🙂