`pulumi stack rename` resulted in error: error: re...
# general
pulumi stack rename
resulted in error: error: rename .pulumi/history/dev-bfstack-emesa1 .pulumi/history/dev-bfstack-emesa: no such file or directory the state is was in s3 now I can access the stack at all,
pulumi up
gives the error 'error: failed to load checkpoint: blob (code=NotFound): NoSuchKey: The specified key does not exist. status code: 404, request id: 52CA127D3A77A221, host id: +t5rZUXVdawXQCrYFQrMX4KWh3Us/vWLu9ltJ7Hj01aHn2Irz8c2QCkztOqEyHlhVhHrBTvNT+0='