When I register for new account and try to run the...
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When I register for new account and try to run the getting started code I get could not create stack: [404] Not Found: Organization 'xx' not found anyone running into same problems?
Which step gave you this error?
pulumi new aws-typescript -s vojtechmachacekpulumidev/aws-typescript/dev
I run similar command successfully , but than I realized I should test on another account, so I created another account and now I'm running into this problem.
I think you need to logout from the previous account via
pulumi logout
and then login to the new account you created via
pulumi login
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yeah, that did the trick!
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Now I have different question, how do I deploy my stack to real aws?
how do I connect my stack with aws credentials? I was fallowing getting started but this critical step I was not able to find
This page has details on configuring your connection to AWS (and links to a page with additional details): https://www.pulumi.com/docs/get-started/aws/configure/
I see it picked up my enviroment varables, what I need to do to change them? I changed them in evn settings bu pulumi is still pushing to wrong aws account..
I found is
pulumi config set aws:accessKey
etc which should do it