Can somebody explain me why this exactly manifests...
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Can somebody explain me why this exactly manifests, is it expected behavior?
I'm not sure I exactly follow the question. But from the first screenshot at least, you are changing the parent of the resource, which impacts it's identity - so Pulumi thinks they are two unrelated resources, one which need to be created and one which needs to be deleted. You need to use
aliases: [{parent: ...}]
or similar to tell Pulumi that this resource previously had a different identity (a different parent). These topics are related: • URNs: • Aliases:
Yet I'm not really
I'm only changing a property inside that resource, the urn should stay stable
the name isn't changed
only the deployment is 'replaced' (though pulumi seems to handle this differently when the resource has a parent vs one without as is evident from the differing screenshots)
(the second screenshot is what that exact same change looks like without a parent)
yet I’m not really
Oh - I think I misread the screenshot perhaps. Do you have a code snippet and/or repro that leads to this screenshot?
Yes I can whip something up, I'll make a github issue!