should customTimeouts propagate from parent resour...
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should customTimeouts propagate from parent resource down? seems that it doesn't, at least not for the helm chart
cc @gorgeous-egg-16927
Currently, it only applies to the individual resources, not component resources like Charts. You can file an issue if you’ve got a use case in mind
well, all I want that individual resources to inherit timeouts from parent (== chart) same way as they inherit provider
Different resource types have different default timeouts
So not quite the same as the provider, but we’re happy to consider the case with some more info about what you were expecting
trying this so far:
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transformations: [
            // we cant set timeout on a chart level yet, so set it for all resources
            /* eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/no-explicit-any */
            (_o: any, opts: CustomResourceOptions) => {
                opts.customTimeouts = { create: "60s", update: "60s" };