Rather than "adopting", is there a way to convert ...
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Rather than "adopting", is there a way to convert an existing CloudFormation stack to Pulumi code? Even if values are hard coded, that would expedite porting to Pulumi...
There is not any automated way - though generally this is a very 1:1 process. Note that you can also manage the deployment of CloudFormation templates with the
resource, so you can leave some resource in CloudFormation and still move to deploying via Pulumi. That may not be what you are looking for exactly here - but it often helpful for staging the migration process.
Right. I'd definitely prefer to move the template over. Was just wondering if there was a way to adopt and then export to code or something. It may be very 1:1 but anything that can expedite porting large templates would be handy.
Yes - we'd love to add some more automation around this - but currently a manual process is needed for CloudFormation (we have
for converting from Terraform).